The HELIUS Rocket Stove

HELIUS Rocket Stove

Cook complete meals using nothing but wood scraps and yard debris with the Helius Rocket Stove. The Helius Rocket Stove is a durable, clean alternative to outdoor cooking, using readily available scraps as fuel instead of more costly alternatives like propane or briquettes. The design of the rocket stove heats to cooking temperatures in only a few minutes with only as much fuel as fits in the fuel magazine.




  • Material: 6” Industrial Schedule 20 Pipe, Fully Welded

  • Weight: 30 lb

  • Dimensions: 33” extended height, Telescoping legs, 21” base

  • Quick-release ash drop: Clean while cooking without dousing your flames

  • Temperature: 1400°F

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  • Durable - “You could run over this with your truck and while you’re fixing your truck, you could make yourself lunch.” - Kris Johnson, Design Engineer

  • Flammable biomass - burn anything from wood scraps to dry, yard debris

  • Sustainable energy - does not need any kind of fuel beyond burnables

  • Constant cooking - the quick-release ash drop means you can keep cooking while clearing the chimney of accumulated ash

  • Produces a clean burn - little or no smoke

  • High-temperature woodstove coating - Rated for 2200°F, as opposed to typical powder coating rated for 400°F

  • Compost assist - Because the burnables are all natural, the ash can be reworked into the soil as fertilizer/compost (though many plants thrive on the liming effects of carbonates and oxides, in wood ash in particular, check what kinds of compost your plants need because some plants do need the higher acidity that this compost would decrease)

  • 100% money back guarantee - 90 days, excluding shipping and custom orders